Sunday, May 07, 2006

Our Very First Featured Dog: VIOLET!

NAME: Violet
AKA: VI, Miss Violet, Violeta, Princess Droopy Eyes
AGE: 1 year, 5 months
BREED/DESCRIPTION: Basset Hound, Tri-color with freckles!
LIKES: Being picked up like a baby, running around chasing little white dogs, riding up front with Shaun and listening to books on tape, when Shaun says "Violet, why are you cryyyyying?" in a high voice, wearing hats, espionage, playing with Madison and Bubbles.
DISLIKES: Any moment when she isn't getting your complete attention, skydiving, foreign films (can't read the subtitles)

Violet has really blossomed up at All for Doggies daycare, she has been coming since early this year, and she is every dog's playmate! The popular opinion is that basset hounds are slow and easy going, but this girl never stops! She loves all of her playmates on the small dog side, and quickly captures the heart of any staffer that meets her. And if she's bored for just one second, she'll let you know with her trademark hound howl. Its next to impossible to be a room with this girl and not be grinning from ear to ear, she's just so sweet and fun.

We love you Violet! Keep that tail wagging, and those ears dragging!