Thursday, May 25, 2006

A couple more pictures

Bugsy is king of the castle!

THE BOSTONS! From left to right, Oscar, Bailey, and Coconut, who does not enjoy sharing the limelight with other Bostons.

Here we have the big dogs, Cash's signature paws in the top left, Matilda the black lab and Murry the golden. Then Gunner the German wirehair pointer is hanging out with Wrigley the chocolate lab, Cooper the handsome mutt, and Baylee the yellow lab.

A few random pictures

The big dog side never slows down! Sahara the Golden, Cash the lab mix, and Zoe the yellow lab are on the left, Cooper and Wrigley up front, with Skeelo running like the yellow lab wind.
Chico the Italian greyhound, Snoopy the mini Austrailian shepard, and Mugs the puggle take a quick break from playing.
Coconut the Boston is always up for a game of tug of war with the kong, or just about anything having to do with a kong. This day super Cooper played along.
Cody the husky and Maggie the terrier mix are buddies from Cheri's bus, and theres Violet and Bugsy hanging out behind them.
Small Dog Playtime! Clockwise from left: Max, Bianca, Franklin, Harriet, Ava, Coco, Madison, Holiday, Russel, and Izzy
A tub full of Basenjis! From left to right, Merlin, Fey, Maximus and Ketah

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Long Lost Littermates!

This is one of our favorite memories this year!

Pi a La Mode is a ball of rambunctious adorable goodness we have the pleasure of seeing often in daycare. She is the cuddliest Blue Heeler mix you'll ever meet. Well we couldn't help but notice one day that she bore a striking resemblance to another dog, Deacon, who was staying with us over the weekend. Deacon is a sweet Cattle Dog mix as well, and they both had very similar "masks" around their face.

The Kennel Staff noticed right away that the two dogs greeted eachother like they had already met, like they were old pals. Interesting...very interesting...

Even MORE interesting was that Pi and Deacon had the exact same birthday, April Fools day of 2003! (And I might add, a very fitting birthday for Miss Pi!)

When we mentioned this coincidence to Pi and Deacon's Moms, we found out they came from the exact same litter! Brother and Sister reunited at All For Doggies! We couldn't resist snapping a family photo, despite the fact that Pi and Deacon clearly wanted to play instead of pose. (Pi is the little girl on the left, and her brother Deacon is on the right.)