Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fun in the Sun

Miss Harriet is so divine!

Calvin is a big dog whose favorite toys are a big ball and an itty bitty pool.

But look how happy he is!!

Aaaarchie the pirate shows off the bone he captured.

Cash came by for a day after moving to the suburbs this past winter.

And has been reunited with his former driver who is very very happy to see him!!

Matilda and Lula give a smile.

Here's Lamar with his good pals Sheye and Sharoan.

Mitzi, Skeelo, and Tank enjoy a three-way tug of war!

Remy stops to pose for the camera, but only for a moment!

We told Otis that this is the fountain of youth.

This is Chico! He's new to AFD but you would never know it! He's got his summer hair-do and is psyched to play our doggie games!

Told you so! Check him out wrestling with daycare champ Millie.

And here he is again playing soccer with driver Jeff and friends!

Nirah-far, we'll always love you!

Here's the Reganator caught fetching the kong.

And Bear-y Brulee caught pool-hoggin'!

Skeelo forces Wrigley to play tug, although she really just wants to fetch!

Sahara relaxes in the late afternoon probably thinking about her next meal!

From left to right we have Aaarchi, Kaya, Bear, and Mitzi, and they've all got something to say!