Saturday, June 03, 2006

Doggie Haikus

My dear Carmichael
How you love to hump big Bear
While Judy's back's turned!

Cody the Husky
You don't like the new nanny
You destroy her things!

Spencer and Skeelo
You always ram us with kongs
To show us your love!

Chubs, Nubs, and Trouble
All in a Puggle Puddle
Frank's got his hands full!

Coco puff n' stuff
Lost lots of weight from daycare
Must change her nickname!

The Reaganator
He is the love boat captain
And he has great hair!

My not so bright light
I do not want you to drown
Let go of your tail!

Princess Coconut
You will attack Shaun's fingers
But never his fist!

Lyncoln McSilly
Perhaps you're made of rubber
You can really bounce!

Here's to Fiona
You're the only pound puppy
Who's wearing Vuitton!

Duck tollin' Mattie
Basenji's can make great toys
If the pools aren't out!

Wheaton terriers
If someone says they're docile
Know that they're lying!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pool Days

Spencer absolutely loves lounging in the pool whenever he gets a chance. Kennedy's taking a short break from playing fetch.
Lucy, Kennedy, and Cody love jumping in the pool after Kongs. These three always have a Kong near them.

Pool Days

Here are some great pictures of the dogs playing in our pools today. Enjoy!

Moose relaxing in the cool waters of Lake AFD.
Diesel loves diving after Kongs in the pool. Sahara and Lucy wait for the next one to come.
Maggie S. loves jumping in the pool before chasing her other Wheaton pals around.
Mattie's trying to bite the hose while Frank fills the pool.
Buckley's cooling off with a couple laps around the pool.
Cody R. enjoying a dip in the pool with Maggie and Asa watching on.

Baylee teasing Cody to jump in after her.