Friday, June 30, 2006

SPENCER!! The AFD Featured Dog o' the Week.

Mr. Handsome.

Spencer's good buddies, Kennedy on the left and Skeelo on the right.
Note the Kong being guarded between Spencer's front paws.

NAME: Spencer
AKA: Suspenders, Spence, Big Spender, Spenny, Little Dude.
AGE: Almost 6 years old.
BREED/DESCRIPTION: Golden Retriever.
LIKES: Carrying around his Kong, chasing his Kong, fetching his Kong, playing tug with his Kong, the pool, any available puddle, getting really, really dirty, tug of war.
DISLIKES: Not having a Kong on his person at ALL times.
Mr. Suspenders loves Kongs. No, really. This dude LOVES his Kong. The instant he arrives in daycare, he gets a Kong, and doesn't drop it until the end of the day when it's time to get on the bus! Spence is as sweet as strawberry pie, and as handsome as anything. He rides the bus to daycare every single day, and carries his Kong proudly on the large dog side. When not totally Kong focused, he does enjoy a dip in the pool or some love from his human AFD buddies! Suspenders is the man. Believe it.

Oh, man. Daycare is AWESOME!!

This is what daycare is all about, people. Go everybody!

Sweet Zak and his super sweet smile. What a guy!

NORMAN! Takin' it easy in the shade.

Pool buddies. Spencer, Dash and Chelsea.

We see you, Kaya. You're not invisible y'know.

Helloooooooooo, Mattie!

The Daring Dash prepares to execute a triple swan dive into Lake AFD.
Mattie waits below to spot him.