Thursday, January 11, 2007


NAME: Coconut
AKA: Nutty, Nutterbuns, Coconutter peanut butter, The Nut, Beautiful Princess of Love, Nutella, Nutters, Rage Machine, Nut n' Honey, Nuttage, Co-Pilot, Cokey, Honey Bunches of Oats and Cream of Wheat, Precious, Miss Thang, Pigeon Stomper, Luscious, The Best Dancer at St. Bernadettes, and The Prettiest Girl in School.
AGE: 5
LIKES: Mom, Dad, Sophie, Cheri, being popular, being pretty, being worshipped, leading the Bucktown anti- pigeon task force, fetching, wrestling, her "crack" ball, her hedgehog, incense and peppermints, giving kisses-lots and lots of kisses. Her mvf's (most valuable friends) Riley C., Ruby K., Spencer A., Cooper S., Carmichael, Maggie H., Moose S., Arlo E., just to name a few!
DISLIKES: Suspicious finger pointing, not being on the same side of the yard as Cheri, when Cheri goes on her lunch break, cold, rain, wind, pigeons, bluegrass music, bullies.

Coconut has been coming to All for Doggies for about 5 years now. 1st to go to school, and from then on as a 5 day/week daycare pup. She's been Cheri's co-pilot all the while, and is second in command on the road. Coconut is truly an AFD pro! She plays with all dogs, large and small, and always behaves like a lady. She has the ability to charm even our toughest dogs in the yard, and she has never been given a time out in all the years she's been coming here. That's like 35 dog years!!! Coconut is always ready to play, always prepared to cuddle, and tells the funniest jokes! Did you hear the one about the beagle and the poodle? Oh, well, you'll have to hear it from The Nut, nobody tells it the way she can, trust us.

So, what about our luscious little ray of light makes her deserving of our 1st annual Dog o' the Year award, you ask? Well, everything! What about our luscious little ray of light makes her un-deserving of our 1st annual Dog o' the Year award? NOTHING!!! The votes are in and have been counted. Coconut wins in a landslide victory!!!