Thursday, October 29, 2009

Howl-O-Ween extravaganza!

All for Doggies was haunted by some spooky (and some down right hilarious) pups in costumes today! Take a look and have a Happy Halloween!!

Apollo the Pimp. He says to pay up in biscuits!

Winston is Jaws!
For being shackled up, Sergeant sure is happy!

Samantha as a lil' devil

Matilda as a lovely lady bug and Sahara as a busy bee
Reese makes a very cute Snow White :-)

Phoebe in her stylish Halloween attire

Oscar is the young grasshopper, learning the ways of karate

Kodi as a dangerous Shark...or at least we let him believe that ;-)

Jack is ready for the big game!

Fred says "get it right, I'm Sacagawea, not Pocahontas!"

Lexi as a cute lil' pumpkin and Fancy as the dreaded Frankenstein's Monster!

Sophie as an adorable lady bug

Connor is a scientific genius!

Cocoa is another happy lady bug

Bugsy as a very cute Frankenstein's Monster
Bugsy the pimp shows off his flashy attire

Buckley wants to know if someone can get him a pen protector for Christmas

Archie is on the run from the law

Wrigley oh my! What big teeth you have!

Tyler is a star football player

Sherman & his big brother Moo - two of the cutest rabbis you will ever meet!

Maggie is an escaped convict and will hold you up for biscuits!

Mahalo as a sophisticated bookworm

Zoe the cheerleader & Rudy the star quarterback

Abby the friendly shark

Asa is one pretty cheerleader!

Max Big Pimpin'

Tyson in a festive spider web suit

Murphy as Frankenstein's Monster...Aren't you scared ;-)

Pacho being a little devil!

Maysa as a blonde Julia Child

Lulu as a dangerous convict!

Lucy as a cute lady bug!

Bubbles as a Karate master

Truman is tuckered out from his devlish activites-

Our next party will be November 17th - Festive Fall and Thanksgiving Party!