Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AFD's 3rd Annual Howloween Costume Contest!

Ladies and Gentlepups, THE WINNERS!!

The judging was tough and the judges were torn. Next year, we're definitely doing categories. But we're positive that these guys were totally awesome!


Lyncoln looked amazing in his Darth Vader costume, and was very dignified during his photo shoot.

Chico has another very clever costume this year! (See last year's "Chicken Cord on Blue"). What we have here is a mullet wig and at-shirt that sez "OVER". Mullet Over. "Mull It Over"! It took a couple of us a minute to get it, but Chico looks spectacular with a mullet AND he invites you to tailgate with him at the Whitesnake concert. Its gonna be ROCKIN'!!


Oh, Miss Violet! Such a beautiful chicken! The staff loved this one, and Violet seemed very pleased with herself, too.


Budha the Tulip! So cute!! This costume is perfect for her and she looked great. Budha also seems to really love to wear clothes, and she was super excited about her photo shoot and the treats.


Maggie's costume cracked us all up. She's having her autumn spa day complete with curlers, hairnet, cuddly bathrobe and duckie slippers. Just in case you can't tell, the curlers are actually IN Maggie's mop top! How long they would stay there, we can't say. Way to go, Mags! You looked awesome!

Happy Howloween!!

It was a fantastic array of costumes this year, and many thanks to everyone who participated! Below are our favorite photos of the costumed pups who attended...

Coconut made an excellent cowgirl. Now if she could only remember where she parked her horse. Hmmmmm...

Casey wasn't exactly thrilled to have her photo taken, but man she was an adorable piggy!
Carmicheal stalks the hall of AFD as a gruesome mummy.

Mona is one wiggly piggy!

Bananas makes a very delicious bumblebee.

Wrigley's skeleton costume was great, but we weren't expecting such awesome tricks for the treats! Wrigley can't wait for the photo to snap so she can get what the photo assistant is holding!

Budrow is a terribly scary ghost, rattling his chains.

Maysa is a very pretty little bumblebee.

Bogart is sporting an awesome t- shirt that sez, "Too cute to be scary."
We quite agree with you there, buddy.

Mr. Franklin looking very handsome in his special holiday sweater!

Beautiful Uma in her sweet little pumpkin hat!

Reagan is both the Headless Horseman and his mighty steed. Pretty impressive.

Chloe is a pretty, pretty Prom Queen!

Moo. In a tutu. Totally in touch with his feminine side.

Sahara the lusty Pirate Wench. Yarrrgghhh!

Darth Matilda using The Force to compel the photo assistant to give her the treat.

Lovely young Jack as an adorable Pumpkin!