Friday, August 22, 2008

And Now All for Doggies Proudly presents their first chapter in..."DOGS WITH SUNGLASSES!"

This is a "classic funny." This never gets old and keeps us laughing. Enjoy and stay tuned for more "DOGS WITH SUNGLASSES!"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

AFD Doggie Olympics 2008



Mr. Bubbles, AKA Bubs, took gold in Mens 100m Breastroke. These little guy left the competition in his wake.

Wrigley soaks in the moment after capturing gold in Mens Diving 10m Platform.

The Puggle Bros., Cooper and Jr., were favored to win gold in Doubles Tennis. But no one thought they would do it with such style and grace.

Ivy showed her true inner Boxer by winning gold in Boxing and becoming our first Million Dollar Baby.

Sahara enjoys her shinning moment as the new world record holder and Olympic champion as All Around Gymnastics Winner. Way to go!

Rudy and Zoe (below) broke down walls as the first ever male and female Table Tennis team. Oh yeah, did I mention? They won gold too!

Kaya is as athletic as she is beautiful. Which helped her win gold in Individual Equestrian. Yes, Kaya does have a pony.

Tyler, AKA Mr. T, stunned the world with a record setting performance in the Mens 3000m Steeplechase. He ran through, over, under, and won gold! Nice!

No one can out do Bear Booty as he took home the gold in Mens Marathon 10km swimming event. A true Lab! Doesn't he kind of look like Michael Phelps?

Hurdling her way to a gold medal, Matilda makes it look so easy.

Matilda was so tired after winning gold in Womens Hurdles that she fell asleep during the ceremony.

Representing Scotland, a proud Wheaton Terrier, Sophie! Gold medal winner of Womens 5000m. This is one Terrier that never quits running.

Otis had no problem winning the Weightlifting gold medal. He lifted over 1,000 lbs. Holy cow!

Wacker keeps his head bowed after receiving the gold medal in the Mens All Around. This guy is amazing and agile.

Lucy is giving a big smile after winning the Womens Triathlon. She can run, swim, and bike?...maybe

Lyncoln sings along with the Star Spangled Banner during his gold medal ceremony for soccer.

Spencer is soaking wet from his gold medal winning swim in the Mens 800m Freestyle. Awesome Spence!

Maggie loves to run and it showed in her gold medal performance in 10000m Womens race.

Riley took gold in Womens Diving. This sweet girl loves the pool and is still wet from her gold winning dive in this picture.

The competition was no match for this small but ever so mighty pup named Lexi. She took home gold in Womens Judo for dogs under 20lbs. Watch out!

Buckley wins gold in Mens 5000m race. This guy can go and go and go and go. When we drop him off at home the first thing he does is grab another toy. Wow!

Thea Muffin surprised everyone with a gold medal performance in Womens Pole Vault. This girl is amazingly strong!

Tucker's taking a warm up lap around the pool with good friend and diving gold medalist, Wrigley.

Tucker, to no one's surprise, won gold in the Mens 100m Backstroke. Alright!

Lady Harriet is all smiles after winning the gold for Womens Windsurfing. Many sited that she had help from her big ears but all's fair in love and doggie Olympics.

All that training and hard work paid off for Bugsy. He's smiling because he won gold in 100m Butterfly. He's favored to repeat next Olympics.

Ms. Monet won gold in the Womens Balance Beam. She has really condition herself to have strong back legs from giving all of us hugs.

Penny forces her way to the top to out do the competition and win gold.

This little Puggle named Penny exploded onto the scene as a last minute addition and surprised everyone when she took a gold medal in Wrestling for her weight class, dogs under 20lbs.

If you haven't, you should see this young gun run! Fancy is fast and cute. A deadly combination. She takes home gold in the Womens 200m!

Daisy left everyone choking on her dust as she set a new world record in the Womens 100m!

Representing Hungry, Prika took gold in Womens Vault. This girl has some powerful back legs!

Woody and Gunner, below, tore apart the rest of the field in Mens Beach Volleyball. These two are a force to behold! I have a feeling this will not be their last gold medal.

This year's gold medal winner in Floor Exercise is the very sweet and limber Madison.

Marley took gold in the Triple Jump event. Those long legs really came in handy!

Wrigley, a young athelete from Germany, arises from the depths of the pool after his amazing dive to win gold. This kid has a bright future ahead of him. Although he would not stay still for the medal ceremony.

Lasey, far left, head butts Wrigley to move into position to later win gold.

Lasey, to everyone's expectations, took home the gold medal in the Womens wreslting for dogs over 20lbs.

Abby from Down Under receives her gold medal for an outstanding performance in the 3000m Womens steeplechase.

Royko gives a smile to the crowd after receiving his gold medal for Taekwondo. Hi-ya!

Busgy takes in the moment as the National Athemn plays during his gold medal ceremony for winning the Triathlon. This boy can do it all!

Maysa may be sweet and cuddly but she is strong and foucsed when competeting for gold. Maysa won in the Womens 1500m. She's soooo fast!!!

Just moments before pinning his competetion, Budrow performs the Flying Squrriel to move closer to the gold medal.

Budrow easily won the gold medal in Judo.

Max grins ear to ear during his medal ceremony. He took home the gold in the hurdle event.

Max jumps the last hurdle to capature the gold!

Chico stunned everyone with his world record power lifting that won him gold. Way to go Chico!

Archie won gold in the Mens 100m Butterfly. He's from Finland but boy can we swim!

Ms. Fred. Gold Medal winner in Diving. This girl loves to dive in the pools at AFD and always makes a BIG splash because in the AFD Olympics the bigger the splash the better.