Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dogs of Summer!

This is our new friend Wilma. She's not only adorable, but also very friendly and extremely wiggly!

She made tons of new friends on her first day, but it was Cosmo who stole her heart!

She took part in all our daycare games, from the pool to fetch to wrestling, and with a little encouragement from Miss Emma, she even went down the slide!

Wow! Daycare can really do a number on your hair. Just ask Miss Maggie!

Miss Casey and Miss Riley can also attest to that!

Miss Gracie has returned to Chi-town after staying with her grandparents in Cali for about a year. We've missed her pretty face, and have tried to give her all the lovin' (from us) that she's missed out on while she was away.

Here's Miss Prika doing her Tennessee Walking Horse impersonation!

A moment of sweetness between Dan and Miss Ketah reminds us all that we could use a little more love in this world.

Carlitos loves to feel the wind in his ears!

Kaya needs a place to hide after hours of being treated like the princess that she is. Sometimes a girl can only be fawned over so much!

Stella loves summertime. Not only does she get to fetch as much as she wants, but there's also water sports!

Chico the Doodle and Tank enjoy a romp in the yard. These two rarely slow down!