Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Say Cheese!

Spencer interrupts Ruff's playtime to have a soft place to sit.

Violet looks over and determines that Spencer has the right idea!

Bugsy, usually camera shy, was feeling pretty sassy today.

Maysa is ready to take on everyone all at once. Put 'em up guys!

Regan (left) is quickly approaching his sister Chloe who poses like a super model!

Snoopy (center), has welcomed our new pal Carlitos (left) to AFD and makes him feel at home.

Punk smiles for the camera. The only way we can get her to do this is by telling blonde jokes!

Skeelo stops only for a moment after tons of fetch and lots of pool hogging!

Taking center stage in this photo is our super-cool buddy Miss Lilo. She's awesome!!

Hello Miss Lexi Poof!!

Gwyneth is coming at the camera with lightning speed. Better let go of that toy in your hand quick!!!

Calvin shows off by carrying a ball around that's bigger than his head!

Here's Percy in the middle of the photo having a blast. Clockwise from the left are Franklin, Bugsy S., Bugsy K.E., Coconut, and last but certainly not least, Arlo the Pug.