Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bloggin' Out

All eyes are on Eric as he finds out just how far Moo will go for the kong.

Lyncoln goes fishing for the bone in the clear waters of Lake AFD.

Millie is tracked down by darling Maysa who wants the toy, badly!

Everyone give a warm welcome to Fred who enjoyed himself on his first day at AFD.

Hey there, Fred!

Good friends Bella and Ruff take turns splashing in the pool.

Bananas is always camera ready and picture perfect! He makes the most of his days here at AFD!

Tank loves to play catch me if you can games using the marvelous toy as a safety net.

Jeff and Jinx are spotted having a moment of cuddle in the shade. Everybody say "Awwww!"

Happy Hamlet neglects the afternoon nappers to run amok in the yard. Hamlet rules!

Kennedy (left) and Cody ride the bus together and enjoy playing the same games.

The Duke of Luke!

Madison and Cody are comiserating about times they've had here at AFD.

Poor Buddy has to wake up this handsome every day!

Here's our lovable Lab brothers Moose and Fletch.

Miss Bella never stops! Here she is demanding more fetch with her buddy Moo.

Ruby will only play tug of war with the most handsome boys in the yard. Woodson knows he is irresistable!