Friday, February 23, 2007


Here's Miss Violet showing us one of her favorite winter games-Hide and Go Seek!
We found you silly girl!

Chico and Max dread the cold weather and are happy to play inside!
This day was so cold Chico wore his sweat suit all day!

Millie and Bananas are almost inseparable when they come on the same day!
They play together so well and are hilarious to watch! Adorable!

Here's a close-up of Woodson and Spencer playing Kong O' War.
Sometimes they're stuck in this position for such a long time they get drowsy.
First one to nod off is a rotten egg!!!

Here's two more Kong O' War lovers-Bamboo and Bill.
If they keep gazing into each other's eyes that way
they might just fall in love!

We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to Bentley.
He's been coming to AFD for a little while now,
however, this was our first opportunity to get a good picture of him.
He's a real ladies man. Even when he's sitting still he's licking his chops!!!

These kids are up for some fetch! Pictured is Nirah at left, Remy up top, Chico in the middle, and Sir Dunley at the right. Throw the kong already!!!

Brothers Fletch and Moose are taking a little break from the action. Fletch is counting the minutes until it's time for him to remove Moose's collar and run away with it, one of his favorite daycare games!

Remy never stops! This time she's got Dakota (top), and Cody in on the action!
Bentley is in the background checking for wallflowers to woo!