Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Photo Feedback Contest

Attention AFD Clients! Please help All For Doggies win the upcoming contest for photo feedback. When AFD sends you a cute photo of your pup at play during daycare or their boarding stay, simply reply to the e-mail address you received the photo from and leave us a comment. The center with the most feedback will receive a pizza party from Best Friends! Yum!

Thanks in advance,

Caitlin, Frank, Miguel, Lamar, Kristen, Araceli, Jessica and Shannon

Monday, June 01, 2009

Important News

Summertime Day Camp Beach Party
Book your reservation now for our Day Camp Beach Party on Tuesday June 9th. Your pets can bask in the sun and swim in the pools with their best friends and camp counselors. Every camper who attends will be sent home with a Beach Party photo.

Morning Walks
As a courtesy to our drivers, we would like to ask that all owners please walk their pup and let he/she “relieve” themselves before getting on the AFD daycare bus in the morning. This will eliminate the time the driver needs to spend cleaning the van while en route and will ensure that the dogs make it to the facility in a timely manner. It will also create a healthier environment for the dogs as well. Please call the center with any questions regarding this matter.

Fourth of July Holiday is Coming!
Planning on getting away for the weekend? Give us a call to book your holiday reservation before our boarding room fills up!

Vaccination Requirements
As always, AFD requires that all boarding and daycare dogs be up to date on their vaccinations. As a courtesy, we will call boarding clients one day prior to their boarding reservation to remind them if their pet’s vaccinations are expired. AFD has the right to refuse service to clients who do not have the appropriate paperwork for their pet. All dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordatella (K-9 cough). There is no “grace period” for expired vaccinations.

AFD Open House
Come visit AFD on June 13th (12pm to 4pm) for their open house and Dog Day Festival. There will be free doggie nail trims, grooming and training advice, games, and a chance to adopt a new Best Friend from local dog shelters. Know a lonely dog? Refer a friend to our open house so they can learn more about our boarding and daycare services.

Daycare Dog of the Week!

This week we have 2 featured daycare dogs. Meet Bjork and Maya. This brother/sister duo keeps all the other dogs drooling with their dashing good looks. Don't hate them because their beautiful! These two are simply irresistible. These two Chow's love to snuggle up with the staff and spend time with the other pups on the yard. They also treat themselves to a spa day here and there with AFD's groomer to keep up their lovely appearance. Smile! These two love posing for photos!