Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mad Bloggin'!!

Just how many licks does it take to get to the warm gooey center of a big Bear heart? One, two, three....three!

This is Diesel and Miss Bella's last play day together. DJ Diesy Beats is moving to the burbs and we will miss his handsome face. Mom ensures us that he'll come by to visit some time.

Miss Zoey poses for the camera after a few moments spent getting lost amongst the tires. Looks like she'll find a way out after all!

Here's a shot of a popular doggie game of chase. That's Franklin the Puggle being chased down by Miss Mitzi who is being chased down by Wrigley (aka: Waffles McHappytail)!

We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce two new members of the AFD pack. Hulk (left) and his littermate Bruno. They're awesome!

Miss Gracie loves paddling in the pool, just as much as Miss Ketah enjoys attacking the water that spills out of the pool. This is what we call teamwork!

Coconut, you're so beautiful!

Miss Lola's last day has come too soon. She's moving to California for the warm weather and sunshine. A heartbroken Jeff's wish was to have his picture taken with her before she left. He's smiling here, but like the rest of us, was overcome with sadness. We'll miss you Lola!!!

Calvin and Diesel spent a good straight hour non-stop romping with eachother the other day. Calvin got the news that this was his last chance to party with The Deez.

Our center manager Phillip is hard at work loving on Mr. Puppy. He loves Puppy...'cuz he's uber cool!

Franklin is curious as to why Archie has such a huge smile on his face. He found out later when he cooled his belly in the pool himself!

Miss Mitzi stands still for a moment to catch her breath after her game of chase.

Check out Max's new trick! Look Mom, no hands!

Chico has rekindled his relationship with his girlfriend Gracie after feeling jilted when she moved to Cali for about a year. He can't say no to her, after all, he's convinced there is no greater beauty in the whole world!

Whatcha smellin' there Murray?

Here's Lamar entertaining his buddies with a game of ball-good times!

On Wednesday Bubbles got his hair done after a day of daycare. On Thursday he came back to get his hair undone in the pool!!

This is Miss Matilda refusing to pose for the camera. She insists on napping after swimming.

Onlookers admire Coconut's strength and willingness to hold on tight during a game of kong-o-war with Spencer. She will not rest until she can claim victory!

These kids are taking time out to rest in the shade. From left to right we have Miss Riley, Miss Lucky and her brother Jack, Miss Ketah, and Gunner (aka: Handsome Pants).

Cody and Miss Wrigley are non-stop fetchaholics anxiously waiting for the next throw. Calvin just wants to jump in and smile for the camera!

Smile Bear! Now take a bow! The End!!


Monday, July 23, 2007