Friday, June 23, 2006

BUBBLES! The AFD Featured Dog of the Week.

NAME: Bubbles
AKA: Bubs, Bubalicious, Monsieur Bublay, The B Man, Mr. Popular.
AGE: Poodle Mix.
BREED/DESCRIPTION: White and Curly and Totally Hardcore.
LIKES: Playing, being chased, jumping in and out of the pool, getting dirty, everybody!
DISLIKES: Not being a part of the action.

Bubbles is a fairly new dog to us here at AFD. He originally started as a board and train, but quickly became an every day daycare favorite. We don't think there is a dog in the world Mr. Popular couldn't get along with. When he plays, he PLAYS. Amazingly, he still has energy left after leaving a trail of exhausted dogs in his wake at the end of the day. He's become such a mainstay on the small dog side that we just don't know what we'd do without him! Rock on, Bubs. You're the bees knees.