Friday, July 14, 2006

IZZY!! The AFD Featured Dog of the Week.

NAME: Izzy
AKA: Izzy-pants, Izzyigerd, Iz, Izzy-Dizzy, The Howler, Ar-Ruu-Ruu-Ruuu!
AGE: 3 years old today!
BREED: Whippet/Terrier Mix
LIKES: Little dogs who want to play, dancing, getting lovin', providing commentary on the action on the small dog side, howling when its time to go home which cracks Stacy up EVERY TIME.
DISLIKES: People who move to fast, dogs who don't know their manners.

Oh, Izzy. I mean just look at that smile. Go ahead. We'll wait.

Are you kidding? We defy you to not fall in love with this girl from the minute you meet her. She is so darn adorable we could just spit. Izzy is a regular daycare girl, keeping the peace on the small dog side. She looooves little dogs, and loves to chase. Word to that Iz. And when its time to go home and she gets leashed up, she always gives you a howl or two 'cause you're not moving fast enough. Hilarious. This sugar lump just turned three years old today and we couldn't be happier that we got to share it with her. Ah-Ru-Ru-Ruuu to you too, Miss Izzy!