Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fiona!!! AFD Featured Dog of the Week

NAME: Fiona
AKA: Fi-Fi, Fetus, Fiona Apple, Feets, Fi
BREED: A beautifully mixed mutt with you guess is as good as ours
AGE: a little over 2 years
LIKES: Wheaton Terriers, pool, running after her pals, running from the bus to the play yard, tug of war, snatching the Kong from our hands
DISLIKES: Hardcore metal, spinach, not getting what she wants, Fraiser

Fiona has been coming to us since the tender age of four months. She is a active little girl who loves to play with just about anyone. She is always so eager to come to daycare in the mornings that she pulls us to the van. Fiona is interested in everything and anything that you might have. She enjoys diving in the pool after the Kong and teasing the other dogs with a, "Look what I have." Yet, here favorite past time is to chase our Wheaton Terriers around, especially Sophie J. Happy Wheaton chasing Fiona!