Monday, October 16, 2006

Harry! AFD Featured Dog o' the Week!

NAME: Harry
AKA: Harry-Bo-Berry, E.L. Harry, Harryheimerschnitzelbuns, Harry Happy Pants.
AGE: Almost 2 years.
LIKES: His brothers Jake and Bear, stealing Jake's kong in the morning, wrestling, holding super secret black lab meetings, receiving compliments.
DISLIKES: When Cheri tells him to give Jake his kong back in the morning, that girl dog that gives him dirty looks down the block, and circus peanuts.

Harry is a relatively new addition at AFD, and we all agree, he's a pretty cool little dude. He loves to wrestle with his brothers and buddies, and never gets into trouble. He fits in at AFD so well, you'd think he's been coming for years. Harry you're our dog of the week because we adore the spring in your step, the gleam in your eyes, and you're winning bright white smile!