Monday, November 06, 2006

BUSTER!! AFD Featured Dog of the Week!

NAME: Buster
AKA: Lil' Bus, Bustopher, Bussy Bus, Roly Poly, Deez, Doozer Buddy, Squeakums, Little Big Man
AGE: He'll be 2 years old on the 16th! Happy Birthday Buster!!!!!!!!
LIKES: Mom and Dad, the baby, doin' the wave, Lexi, Lola, and all his other ladies, Lamar, anyone whose name starts with the letter L, all his other human AFD friends, hearing his name, stories with happy endings.
Dislikes: Stories with unhappy endings, when old ladies slip and fall on the ice, when someone takes candy from a baby.

Buster has been coming to AFD since he was little, I mean, just a wee pup. He's one of the tiniest doggie friends we have here, but he wears the big boy pants! He's fearless in the yard, and dangerous on the dance floor. And he may possibly have the biggest heart of all. Little Big Man, you're our dog of the week, cuz' quite simply, we just love ya!!!!!