Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It may be cold outside, but the Daycare pups are staying warm!

Why, no. We don't enjoy our jobs at all. We never have fun here. Why do you ask?
We love this photo of Coconut going for a joy ride on big ol' Otis, our new St. Bernard!

And this is an uncharacteristically subdued photo of Mr. Otis.
He's a beautiful boy who loves to play with EVERYONE, large or small!
But he obviously needed a break. I think we wore him out.

Daycare driver Shaun with an armload of the Fluff Patrol from Zone 3!
From the left that's Pretty Phoebe, Miss Lola and Little Lexi.

From the left, Eddie, Woodson and Calvin all a-wrestlin'!
Those boys are having a swell time.

And another new addition named Mesa having a fabulous
chase game with her neighbor Chico the Italian Greyhound.
Mesa is a sweet little Coated Mexican Hairless. A hairless pup with hair!
We were surprised too, but she's a lovely girl and we're so glad to have her.

Budha the bulldog is just having a good time being
at the center of Mesa and Chico's excitement!

Awww, Miss Mitzi! Cheri our photog found her taking
a breather inside the playground equipment.