Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Having an Awesome Good Time!

Check out this view from above. Can you find your pup?

Long time Allfordoggian Sahara stops for a photo after swimming. That's Lui next to her, with his kong of contentment.

Millie checks Miss Violet's vital signs.

What Bernie really wants from Moo is a piggy-back ride, however, Moo would rather nibble on Bern's handsome face.

In a perfect world, Mattie would grow a fountain out of the top of her head and it would sprinkle water and Basenji's.
In a perfect world.

Millie guards Bubbles from all of his girlfriends long enough for him to catch his breath!

Our giants of daycare Moo and Otis running at top speed, watch out!!

Cooper never listens when we tell him to stop being so handsome!

Sometimes Buckley plays so hard he ends up hovering over the water bucket by the end of the day! So cold, so refreshing!!