Friday, July 13, 2007

AFD, the week of July 9th!

Miss Phoebe is always up for a celebration, this was totally her idea!

Everyone meet Sebastian! He's a happy chap who moved here from the west coast. We're very glad to have him!

Our friends Chico and Bernie have fun playing in, on, and around the marvelous toy together.

This is Wrigley! He's our first official Zone 4 bus dog. Yep, we've expanded and are now picking up dogs in the Oak Park/River Forest area.

And yet another new daycare boy Rodney. He's adorable, cuddly, and tons of fun to play with. Watching him run after jolly balls bigger than him is an hilarious sight!

Bamboo and Maggie sometimes spend the whole day tug-0-war-ing with eachother.

Here's DJ Diesy-beats. When he's not rocking out in daycare, he likes to spin happy hardcore!

Our handsome husky Connor smiles for the camera, as his bus-mate Cody patiently waits for the snap so he can continue fetching.

This handsome gent is Moose. He's a shy guy, but still enjoys his time here.

Brothers Shamus and Reilly take a break from wrestling eachother to give a smile!

Oh Mugs, you never take a bad pic, and you never leave us un-entertained!

Here's Dan-the-Man with his Boxer pup Ralph and Mister Berns.

Miss Helen had a great day playing tag with us this Tuesday. Chase-me games seem to be her favorite!

Bill Paxton snuck into AFD earlier this week and booked himself for daycare on the computer. He insisted on coming Wednesday so he could see his lady love Miss Rio.