Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cool Kids!

These three adorables are taking a much needed break in the shade. Bubbles is sandwiched in between our lovely ladies Lola and Jinx, looking too cool for school!

Anyone remember Dash? He's one of our much loved friends who was looking for a home this past winter. Now he spends his days in Duluth, Minnesota, hiking the trails and enjoying the wilderness. And he still finds the time to come and visit us here at AFD!!

Look how happy he is! He has also befriended Oli on his first day of daycare, and makes him feel at home!

Here's one more shot of Dash and Oli with Lil' Maysa joining in on their daycare games.

Riley got her summer haircut and looks especially pretty. You can tell she's tired of hearing it!

Otis loves to play with Millie but has to stoop way low to get to her level!

This is Lucy!! She's just a little pugnacious, squeezylicious little pugalover, who we can't get enough of, and who we have a very hard time returning at the end of the day!

Here's a group of fetchers and kong lovers waiting for the next throw!

Miss Maggie loves to fetch too, but prefers to fetch alone!

We tried to explain to Maximus that there's an easier way to keep water out of his eyes on this bright and sunny day!

Miss Ketah often wonders what her little brother Maximus is thinking!

Stella never gets enough of the water sports!

Buckley enjoys water sports too, and will even go down the slide with a little encouragement from driver Jeff.

Miss Zoe and her big brother Rudy like to have the pool for themselves. It always keeps them cool and content.

Another pool lover, Swiss Mister Max ready to shake it off, and keep it real!

Bentley stopped by this day to have his world rocked and rolled by Millie.

Here's fetchmaster Climber in action!

Moose has had a week off for vacation and is compelled to make up for lost AFD time!

Miss Helen is always so sweet, but it's hard to get a picture of her. Gotcha!!

Miss Rio is convinced that if she paddles hard enough, the pool will become deeper!

Bailee Boo insists that we look deep into his eyes and adore him, which we joyfully do!

Ruby (front) and Cody take a break from others to have time with their kongs of choice.

Jinx has more energy than the puppiest of puppies, she never gives up!