Friday, June 09, 2006

This week's Featured Dog...BERNIE!!

NAME: Bernie The Boxer
AKA: Mister Berns, Bernardo, Bern the Nerd, Hunka Hunka Bernin' Love.
AGE: 2 years as of June 6.
BREED/DESCRIPTION: Boxer, Fawn and White.
LIKES: Piggyback rides from Cheri, his best buddies Carmichael and Zak B, running as fast as he can, escargot, the novels of Henry James.
DISLIKES: Fetch, anyone who sneaks up on him, all U2 albums post-Joshua Tree.

Oh, Bern Dog! He's our super-fantastic birthday boy, and we couldn't love him more if we tried. Bernie has been coming to us since he was a wee pup and is AFD through and through. He keeps to big dog side humming, and loves to start a "chase me" game whenever anyone is willing. Happy Birthday, Buddy Bernie! AFD salutes you!