Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jinxy & The Rockers launch world tour

Jinxy & the Rockers have set out on a world wide tour hitting stops in Asia, Europe, South America, and Antartica. Ever since their debut album "Appetite for Kibble" the rockers have been bringing their infectious rhythms to fans across the globe. However, after the "no sleep till naptime" tour in 2001, keyboard wizard and costume genius Reagan, who wrote some of the bands most controversial songs, "cats are not that bad," "bark bark ruff," and "bring on the biscuits," abruptly left the group and joined a monastery in Peru. Remaining members Jinx and Foxy Sadie both released solo albums, but without the chemistry of the original group, fans were left feeling shortchanged. Now after a five year hiatus, all three original members have decided it is time to bring the music back to the people. With Jinx on guitar and lead vocals, Reagan on keys and background vocals, and Sadie on drums, bass, viola, cello, harpsichord, turntables, flute, and harmonica we can all rest assured that the Rock is not far off.