Friday, June 16, 2006

This Week's Featured Dog....BUDHA!!

NAME: Budha
AKA: Budha-Buns, Budha-Bootay, Snortbucket, Princess of Love, Miss Precious.
AGE: Four and a Half.
BREED/DESCRIPTION: Bulldog, Brown and White.
LIKES: Going to Cheri's house, chasing Jolly Balls and barking at them, playing with puppies, getting love from ANYBODY, acting disinterested while people oooh and ahhhh over her in the pet store, Cubs baseball, vacationing in Provence, doing whatever she wants whenever she wants.
DISLIKES: Being in playgroup without Cheri, when Cheri cuddles with others, getting her Jolly Ball stuck in a corner, when people don't double down on eleven.
MOTTO: The world is my oyster!

Budha is our newest regular daycare girl, ruling the school in Cheri's bus. She became an instant favorite at AFD for her sweet, lovey personality and her ridiculously adorable snorts. Seriously. We have never heard anything like the sounds this girl can come up with. She loves everybody, everybody loves her and she has even captured the heart of Trainer Rich. She'll give you a wave with her front paw when she wants your lovin'!

Budha rocks. That's all there is to it.