Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome to our Luau!!!

There was no question as to who was the winner of the biggest beach bum award. Miss Snoopy came with a bucket of margarita as big as she is and a straw long enough for her to drink it without lifting a paw! And check out those wicked awesome shades!

Miss Rio is the winner of our best dressed contest. Her outfit was so pretty and it fit like a glove!!

Ketah and Max received an award for 1st runners up. They look hula-licious!

And our 3rd place award goes to Miss Budha for knowing just how good she looked in her Hawaiian shirt!

Although her younger years are behind her now, Miss Phoebe still knows how to party!

And she was more than willing to show our lovely young'un Lucy the ropes! Now let's take this party outside, shall we?

Ryno says, "Wuzzaaaaaaaaaalp!"

Check out Miss Lula noodle casserole-Sassy!

Jeff was so happy Miss Lexi could make the party!

Uma is so smart she understands four languages. English, Spanish, Polish, and Dogish. Even after all that learning, she can still find the time to rock out!

Yep, Spencer is definitely feelin' it! Eric has to hold him up!!!

Oh, Maggie, there is no better belly dancer than you!

Miss Thea and Swiss Mister Max know who let the dogs out, but they're not tellin'!

Even when there is no party going on, when Bella shows up, she brings it!!

Miss Lucy came with her bikini on, and the boys went wild!

Maddie loves having a reason to dress up, so she was more than happy to join us for the Luau!

Bugsy wasn't too keen on putting this skirt on, but he loves to dance, and he's quite a lovely mover!!

This is what happens when you fall asleep before the party is over. Boy is Maya going to be steamed when she sees this picture later. Hope you're not running for public office little lady!!!

And, finally, Rudy and his little sis Zoe show us a preview of their morning after!!! Party on kids!!!