Thursday, August 02, 2007

Best of the Rest-More Luau Pics!

Carmichael, do you wanna...limbo?

We intruded on this private moment between Phillip and Lyncoln, how sweet!

Miss Wrigley is more than happy to sport the Hawaiian doo-rag!

Ryno and his girlfriend Budha wanted nothing to do with our limbo contest. In order to participate, they'd have to get out of the pool!

Blue wasn't too happy about getting dressed up, but it was only for a moment, and just look how handsome he is!

Miss Riley is always super pretty, but she's even prettier all dressed up!

We never have to tell Bjork how good looking he is; he already knows!

Silly Jilly is one of the happiest dogs ever! We never see her without a big cheezy grin!

Ryno and Big Otis are a perfect match for eachother. Their kong-o-war games always end up in a tie.

Bugsy's sparkling blue eye compliments the grass collar so well!

Sophie romped around for the first part of the luau, and then set up a booth in the corner to read doggie fortunes!

Bailee Boo is camera shy, but we had to capture this because he just looks so good!

Dan and Otis want everyone to know just how much fun they were having at the party!

Oh, Calvin, you rock! We just love you're smile!

Dan again, with his party-pup Ralph.

And we'll end this post with a pic of Norman who came with his very own flower to put in his lucious blonde mane! Thanks for being such a good sport Norm!